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International workshop in SumGhent03/12/2012


Werf Boekentoren (© Boekentoren Bouwblog)

In November 2012 the interdisciplinary workshop "Change in the historic city" was held at Sum's offices in Ghent. The workshop was organized for the international students of the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation and the LUCA international course. During the workshop, the students initially visited Maastricht, Bruges, Brussels and Ghent and subsequently elaborated a few cases in Ghent. 

A first exchange of information took place in SumGhent's studio. The RLICC students presented their preliminary conclusions, based on the preparatory research of their colleagues at LUCA. These conclusions served as an excellent starting point for an intensive visit of the city. For this visit, the RLICC and LUCA students were joined by an international delegation from universities in Germany, Estonia, Slovenia and Italy. The visits in Ghent aimed more specifically at issues related to twentieth-century heritage. Among the highlights of the trip were the visit of the restoration works of Henry Van de Velde's Tower of Books with explanation from the different members of the Tower of Books team and Robbrecht&Daem's presentation of their Stadshal project.
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