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Béguinage Master Plan, Lier

Master plan creates new, contemporary visions for World Heritage 


The Lier béguinage has been entirely listed as landscape since 1966; the individual houses have been listed as monuments since 1963. Moreover, the béguinage is one of the thirteen Flemish béguinages that were recognised as World Heritage by Unesco in 1998.


The entire site is owned by three different organisations: the city owns the public spaces (streets, entrance gates and pumps) and the church council and the OCMW (the public centre for social welfare) own the various buildings (houses, church, parsonage and convent).


Based on a historical study and a thorough inventory of each house, Sum and Barbara Van der Wee Architects, as the coordinating team of architects, drew up a master plan for the entire béguinage. The master plan also formulated an overall vision on the future restoration and renovation whereby general guidelines were established in an agreement approved by all the parties involved. The master plan determined a number of sub-projects that allowed for phased restoration. For each sub-project, a specific project architect was appointed through an architectural competition.



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OCMW Lier - Kerkfabriek Sint-Gummarus


SumProject - Barbara Van der Wee Architects


2006 - 2009


Suzanne Van Aerschot - Van Haeverbeeck, Flandre: la gestion du patrimoine mondial in Thema & Collecta - Gestion du patrimoine mondial, n°1, éd. ICOMOS Wallonie-Bruxelles asbl, 2011, pp.40-49
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