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BibLLLiotheek, Kortrijk

Reduction of surface area leads to a greater synergy of functions in the Kortrijk library 


The competition design of Sum and Adjaye Associates for a new library in Kortrijk was an innovative and contemporary interpretation of the library as a multifunctional, public and social city hub. This not only reveals the library as a beacon of knowledge and information but also as a breeding ground for life-long learning in the broadest sense.


The contest for the new library was an occasion to think about the importance of competition programmes. Although the programme required that the existing conservatory was kept, the winning design of REX opted for a complete demolition. The submission sent in by Sum and Adjaye Associates suggested that the reduction of the surface area would result in a greater synergy between the functions. Also as regards the budget, this provides a satisfactory answer. It seems the time has come for a debate on the formulation of a competition programme. Is it possible for a design team that ignores the competition parameters to win the project anyway?


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Stad Kortrijk


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architectural competition 2009
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