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Boulevard de la Woluwe, Brussels

Reconstruction of the Woluwelaan as a future ‘urban avenue’ with an extension of the 94 tram line 


Woluwelaan can, as a future urban avenue, be considered the fusion of an ‘urban boulevard' and a ‘parkway'. The greatest challenge of the project lies in the general revaluation of the public space to transform the current city highway into a pleasant landscaped avenue.

The west side of the avenue, near the centre of Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe/Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, is a city boulevard (2 x 2 lanes), that allows freeing up some space for a tram with its own crest. This intervention is advantageous for the public transport infrastructure and promotes the so-called ‘clean' traffic with good connections to schools, companies and commercial enterprises.


The east side of the avenue, next to the parks and ponds of Woluwe, will undergo more landscaping, with a green zone that acts as a transition between the traffic infrastructure and the parks along the avenue.


By providing this kind of green connection for pedestrians and cyclists, the views on both the Malou Park and the Bronnen Park are protected. As regards the landscaping, the banks of the ponds will be relaid to emphasise their original character. The vegetation will be adapted to the damp surroundings (willows, alders, ash, etc.) and will thereby contribute both to the green nature of the valley and to the optimal management of the surface waters.


By giving special attention to the co-use of the public space, to the careful selection of materials, to limiting the reduction of paved surfaces and to the vegetation, the project gives the clear message of a sustainable development vision.



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