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Chaude Rivière, Lille

Restructuring the public space and the infrastructure at the city entrance 

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Chaude Rivière is a suburb situated between the old Lille Flandres train station, the new Lille Europe TGV train station and the ring road. The City of Lille's objective is to transform this fragmented area into a mixed urban quarter and integrate it into the city centre. To do this, Sum's project, focused on creating user-friendly public spaces, favouring environmentally-friendly modes of transport and reducing the car's impact in the quarter. The project takes up the following measures:


- transform the bypass into a city boulevard (broad tree-lined sidewalks, crossroads with traffic lights, cycle tracks that connect to the city bicycle routes, etc.);
- complete a new bridge and extension of the Willy Brandt boulevard to improve access to the green spaces;
- create a green square that includes a slope for cyclists and disabled and reconnect the upper and lower parts of the quarter;
- implement a scenic lighting project along the sides of the new bridge.


These different plans were designed taking into account sustainable mobility while considering the needs of the various users, in particular disabled, in terms of accessibility as well as suitability of the area. In this respect, the participatory process that was established will generate significant interactions between the project team and the potential users (people on the shores of the river, local cyclist associations, associations representing disabled, etc.) throughout the entire project.




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