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Eclusier-Vaux Ponds and Marshes, département de la Somme

Study for landscape rehabilitation and for eco-tourism development of the Eclusier-Vaux ponds and marshes 


The Eclusier-Vaux ponds and marshes in the Somme Department are bursting with a remarkable wealth of flora and fauna. The study area, partly recovered by the Natura 2000 ‘Moyenne vallée de la Somme', nonetheless requires a new direction as regards management that is in keeping with its assets and its landscape quality.


The objective of this study is to construct a coherent and realistic development plan for tourism while integrating the notion of eco-tourism and respecting the provisions that apply to protecting and improving natural spaces, allowing, eventually, for a successful creation of a plan for managing the site.


The mission comprises four distinct phases:
- environmental and tourist diagnostic;
- creation of strategic scenarios for developing the site;
- global development outline and programme;
- financial feasibility study and prospective schedule.


The selected scenario is based on three key concepts: ecological rehabilitation of the site; creation of an ‘eco-tourist' park that includes lodging developed according to the principles of eco-construction; and development of sports fishing. This scenario was realised in a global development outline, divided into different actions. For each proposed action, the team drew up fact sheets specifying the works timetable, the technical means, an estimated budget, reception and attendance capacities, etc.



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Conseil Général de la Somme


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