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'Hof ter Dampoort',
Dendermondsesteenweg 50,
B-9000 Ghent

t: +32 9 225 54 88

90, boulevard de Waterloo
B-1000 Brussels

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Housing Project "Zandberg", Gent

Meticulous styling of the façades integrate apartments into the historical context of Ghent's cityscape 


For the Zandberg project, Sum built twelve apartments on the site of the former 'De Cleene Pelicaene' home for the elderly. Next to it, a new stairwell and new lift were set up in the adjacent Hotel van der Meersche. The existing construction from 1950 had three façades: one facing the square on Zandberg, a street façade on the Ursulinestraat and a garden façade on the historic inner garden. In the new buildings, there will be two- and three-bedroom apartments divided over five floors.


To avoid scale rupture with the existing façade facing the square, the new façade on Zandberg will be built following a traditional 'rhythm of the parcel' and along various building lines: the skirting with ascending façade planes in plaster connects with the building line of the historical buildings with their 18th century stepped gables and follows the natural kink of the current building line. Relief will be recovered by a second, deeper plaster façade. Between these two building lines, the terraces will be given form with glass parapets. A retreating attic with cornices will follow the third building line.

To preserve the integrity of the historic inner garden and the uniformity of the inner façades, the current façade facing the garden will be replaced with a similar construction with the same rhythm and the same cornice height. The view onto the inner garden is limited by the open works of the spans, the deepening of the glazing and the form of the terrace built up from the two penthouses.


For the façade that faces the street on the corner of Zandberg and Ursulinenstraat, an effort has been made for transparency from the view from Zandberg and Baaisteeg. The new, lower façade height was determined according to the width of the street and the cornice heights opposite.



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