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B-9000 Ghent

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Integrated Housing, Sint-Katelijne-Waver

Borgerstein residential care centre integrates the lives of disabled people into the neighbourhood 

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The concept of 'integrated housing' is the focal point in this project for ten new housing units on the Borgerstein site. The goal of this building project is to integrate as much as possible the lives of disabled people into the neighbourhood. Integration and contact with neighbours is promoted through, among other things, placing bicycle and pedestrian paths on the site.


The housing units are joined in pairs. A cosy atmosphere is of prime importance for every housing unit. It isthe home of the residents and everyone likes a comfortable and welcoming home. Through the entrance hall, you step immediately into a large, open living space where you'll find the kitchen, dining area and a comfy sitting area. Ten rooms are positioned around the living spaces. After all, each of the residents needs their own spot.


Adjacent to this is an additional room that, depending on the needs or preferences of the group, can be set up as a snoozing room, hobby room or sitting room. Shared storage spaces gives the paired housing units the possibility of sharing household appliances like a washer and a dryer. The bathroom can be fitted out with standard furniture and fittings or with specific fittings such as adaptable baths, shower table and ceiling hoist.


When drafting of the building plans for the ten housing units, a great deal of attention was paid to energy-saving measures. Thus, much attention was paid to good insulation and wind proofing and provision of a heat-recovery system has been made (heat is recovered through ventilation). Moreover, the temperature will be well regulated through the solid concrete roof structure. All these measure ensure that a housing unit uses 65 kWh per m2 while a traditional single-family dwelling uses 200 kWh per m².


The project is part of the development of the vzw Borgerstein master plan. Once the these housing units have been completed, 100 of the 280 residents can move into the newly built houses. In the following phases of the master plan, the main building will be renovated, the day care centre for the elderly will be adapted and the neighbouring residences further integrated.



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Borgerstein vzw



in collaboration with

Ingenium nv (techniques)
3E (building phisics)
Daidalos Peutz (akoestical)
Fondu landscape (landscape)


masterplan   2003
project           2003 - 2005
construction 2009 - 2011
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