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B-9000 Ghent

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Masterplan Public Space, Merelbeke

New master plan gives the centre of Merelbeke a bright and powerful identity 


This project is the result of a consultation by the Flemish Master Builder (Vlaamse Bouwmeester). The goal of the contract is to create a master plan with a vision for the public space in the centre of Merelbeke. In this area there is the connecting axis between the two sides of the Hundelgemsesteenweg, the area around the church, the administrative centre, the library and a number of residential and business complexes.


The traffic engineering of the available space, the profile construction, the integration of public functions, the parking facilities, the green elements, the water courses, the choice of pavements, the street furnishings and the lighting must lead to a bright and simple design of the public space. Sufficient flexibility has been incorporated into the master plan to anticipate future evolutions in the development of the centre.



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Gemeente Merelbeke


SumProject - ARJM - Kathy Van Hulle

in collaboration with

Norbert Provoost (stability / engineering)

Dirk Vandekerkhove (landscape)



masterplan    2008-2009
public space 2009-2012
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