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National Railway Museum in Schaarbeek/Schaerbeek, Brussels

New museum hall brings structure to the historic station buildings, the public space and the adjacent railway infrastructure 

Sum © 2012

Commissioned by the NMBS Holding, Sum designs the new National Railway Museum at the Princess Elisabeth Square in Schaarbeek, a project that implies the reuse of the exisiting railway station of Schaarbeek.

Both historic station buildings (one from 1887 and the other from 1920) are restored and will form important parts of the new National Railway Museum. The new museum hall will bring structure to the historic station buildings, the public space around it and the adjacent railway infrastructure.


In a first phase, the old station building will be restored to its original function as a passenger station. The existing facilities that are now distributed throughout the entire station will be reorganised and improved. The ticket counters will be returned to their original location in the 1887 ticket hall.


A second phase targets the transformation of the station from the 1920s. The 'salle des pas-perdus' (the current passengers hall and adjacent rooms) will be restored in the spirit of the 1920s. It will become the reception and entrance hall for the new museum. The space will also be used for exhibits and service facilities. The former waiting rooms will be transformed into a new restaurant that will be accessible to both museum visitors and to external visitors.

A third phase provides for the construction of the new museum hall where the most important exhibition spaces will be accommodated. The new building is located along the railway tracks on the site, north of the old stations and includes the former railway guard's house. Because of its location near the protected station building and considering that the great hall of the station building is also part of the museum, an intermediary public space is created between the station building and the new museum hall. This enables a dialogue between the passenger station and the museum.


The museum will exhibit the historic heritage of the NMBS Holding and will also provide a prospective view of the train of the future. The scenography is handled by the Expoduo team, led by François Schuiten.




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NMBS Holding
N.V. Eurostation



in collaboration with

Eurostation (stability and technical installations)
Expoduo o.l.v. François Schuiten (scenogrphy)


feasibility study          2009

project                         2010
study / construction  2011-

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