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Square Jourdan in Etterbeek, Etterbeek

Reconstruction of the Jourdan Square including completion of an underground parking lot 


Jourdan Square, thanks to the twice-weekly market and the well-known fries stand, is a lively, bustling place day and night. Currently, the square forms a little coherent and rather isolated entity, especially as regards the materials used and the furniture. The greatest challenge in this project is thus improving the spatial qualities of the square in terms of mobility and readability without compromising the atmosphere of the neighbourhood or the lively nature of the square.


To properly understand the existing situation of the square and to know the needs of the various users, a variety of preliminary studies were undertaken: a historical study, needs analysis (based on surveys of residents, merchants and visitors), a mobility study, a landscape study, etc.

Consequently, various scenarios for locating an underground parking lot were researched (under Jourdain square or Froissartstraat/rue Froissart, analyses as regards accessibility, capacity and cost) and for reorganising the square itself.


Two variations were proposed for the square, both based on the reduction of parking and increasing the spatial quality and experience of the square. The main goal of the first variation was to reinforce the readability of the square through concentration of the furnishings and plants along a single strip. The second variation played with the relief of the site by, referring to the Maalbeek/Maelbeek valley, using the water as a structuring element, that is, in relation to the ponds in Leopold Park.


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SPF Mobilité et Transport
Programme Beliris



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bureau d'études Greisch sa (stability & engineering)


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