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'Hof ter Dampoort',
Dendermondsesteenweg 50,
B-9000 Ghent

t: +32 9 225 54 88

90, boulevard de Waterloo
B-1000 Brussels

t: +32 2 512 70 11
f: +32 2 512 31 90

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Terranova, Brussels

Wellness and education centre is firmly anchored in the metropolitan context of Brussels 

photo by F3 focus, Sum © 2010

From its social inspiration Terranova's programme includes a locally oriented health and education initiative in Brussels, targeting various groups. The initiators have given a strong boost to the paramedical education by introducing a new ‘skills labs' concept. Terranova will develop projects focusing on health education (e.g., a diabetes education centre) and research how it can contribute to preventive health projects. In addition, Terranova offers space for many other social, educational and health-related projects and facilities such as day care centers. Terranova ‘Brussels Health and Education Centre' would like to become a ‘centre of excellence' at the cutting edge of health, wellness and education. The ambition is to serve the Brussels metropolitan community and set an example with a European image.


The building is located at the intersection of Kanonstraat/rue du Canon, Blekerijstraat/rue de la Blanchisserie and Dambordstraat/rue du Damier. In the project, near the Brussels Rogierplein/Place Rogier, a conscious decision was made not to provide any additional parking space given the easy accessibility by public transport, the target group and the presence of many parking facilities in the immediate surroundings.


Special attention was paid to the connection with the neighbouring buildings. A column with three floors affirms the complex. The building withdraws on the upper floors. This solution limits the amount of shadow the building casts onto the street. At the same time the terraces form important social meeting points in the building.


The building develops from the view from the Asstraat/rue des Cendres. The view is framed by a main vertical volume. An upward volume was added onto the building on the Kanonstraat/rue du Canon side. From the Kruidtuinlaan/bld du Jardin Botanique the view from Asstraat/rue des Cendres is affirmed by the vertical rising façade, the building height of which connects to that of Asstraat/rue des Cendres. In so doing, the building strengthens the urban coherence.




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