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90, boulevard de Waterloo
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Tramline 9, Brussels

Construction of tram line 9 in Brussels and overhaul of the adjacent public space 


Design and execution of the new tram line 9, a link in the multi-modal transport network, as well as the ecological corridor.


Tram line 9 will connect the centre of Brussels with the north of the Region and the university hospital campus. To that end, it will cross various districts, each with their own functions (very dense or, conversely, open residential areas, garden districts, parks, schools, etc.), characteristics and specific needs in terms of mobility and quality of life.


Apart from the planning the tram route and the stops, Sum is also responsible for planning the roads and the public space for the different users. Special attention was paid to the safety of the vulnerable road user (cyclists, pedestrians, disabled persons) and the connection to various other transportation networks, especially the RER station in Jette. An underground car park is planned below Spiegelplein, where the weekly market is held. The various squares and green spaces along the route will be redone to become true meeting spaces and playgrounds for children.


The sustainable character of the project is ensured by a number of specific measures. For instance, a natural water drain is provided through the used materials. Moreover, by planning green corridors, the sites are connected to the Natura 2000 network of the Molenbeek Valley. By planting trees along the entire route, the tram line itself becomes a green artery in the multi-modal transportation network of Brussels.


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Ministerie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest
Mobiel Brussel



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Grontmij (engineering)


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