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Urban Centre Marexhe Gare , Herstal

Master plan and project management for the redevelopment of the Marexhe Gare urban centre 


The main objective of the mission is to open up the site and create an urban centre around the railway station. At the moment, the railway tears the urban fabric and the railway crossing the rue de la Station forms residual space, which nonetheless has the potential of becoming the core of a new centre of development.


The project, a result of a permanent dialogue among various members of the team (Sum, ARJM and Arcadis), is based on the landscape structure of the surrounding area and involves:

- transforming residual spaces into parks and recreational spaces for the residents;
- completing the missing connections in such a way as to create genuine green corridors, places for walking and relaxing. In this context, the Gare centre can become a departure point for walking to the slag heaps and the Meuse river's edge;
- reducing the influence of the car on the public spaces and developing the meeting spaces by combining various uses;
- creating a good quality connection between the station and the centre of the commune.


This structure has recently had different uses added around it: a new station, a crossing under the tracks, eight commercial spaces, 37 dwellings, underground parking with 160 spots, a public space and a park.


The habitat has been set up near the existing dwellings, strengthening social control. The businesses and catering establishments are located around the new public space, which connects the school, the church, the station, the new Marexhe centre and the new recreational park developed at the top of Herstal. The businesses are located on the other side of the railway track.



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Ville d'Herstal


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